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At Unity Interior Design, Homes are always intrinsically tied to the way we live, work and play. It is always centred around the person, and never about design for design’s sake.

Founded Annie Lau, Wynn Neo, Ken Lim and Sam Gwee, followed by a strong team of 12 creative designers, whom are committed to creating living environments that mould themselves to its users. Regardless of project type – residential or commercial, small or large – the aim is always to provide sustainable solutions that make daily life better.
Unity renders professional design services and solutions for every phase of an interior design project where clients’ ideas become reality. Each project is a tailored experience derived from a close collaboration with clients, ensuring that the results are always specific and unique.

Quality workmanship and integrity are also the hallmarks of our business. The close relationship and trust we have in our industry partners, suppliers, and subcontractors enable our valued clients to achieve optimum savings, while upholding high quality workmanship.


What client say

We got our first home and were very excited to look for an interior designer who would assist us. And Ashley was god send. Not only was she very patience, she was also very accommodating. We had plenty of ideas and Ashley helped us materialize and apply those ideas to our new home. She was present almost daily to check and inspect the house. And when there were issues to be addressed she would be very open and honest about it to us and we would discuss about how best to overcome the issue. It was her approach of being honest and open that we admire most. She exhibits a maturity beyond her age. She is always someone we can rely on and would continue to support her by asking our friends and relatives to engage her services when possible

Stewart Sanjay & Sharleen LEONG Meilin

'To start with, having engaged Miss Ashley Loh as our Interior Designer to renovate our house was the right thing to do as things turned out pretty well at the end of the day – Very pleased indeed. Ashley’s coordination work went well with the various contractors during the work at our house. Although there had been some challenging moments when some minor details were added to enhance the design work, Ashley managed it calmly and met our demand with no qualms. Her patience and good nature make her a good coordinator for work and dealing with people. We were impressed by her diligence and willingness to help whenever there is a need. Given time, we are certain that she could deal better with the contractors’ craps when things go wrong with their work. Nevertheless, it is a long road ahead for this petite young lady in the I.D. path but she will gather more moss than anyone else. We wish her well! If there should be anymore renovation work from us in future, Ashley would still be our next Interior Designer! Happy Customers : Tommy & Elsie Liem

Tommy & Elsie Liem

We first met Henry at the expo and we were able to hit off immediately due to our common appreciation for Scandinavian-style interiors and furniture in raw wood finishing. The thing that impresses me most about him is his eye for design. His choice of laminates, tiles and furniture is perfect for my home. He was able to create the sense of space in our humble apartment. Will definitely recommend him to friends and family looking to renovate their homes.

Joshua Lee/ 42/ Business Owner

Our first home was designed by Henry and we are glad that we have put our money and faith in the right designer. Communication was never a problem between us. He was able to understand our needs, even at times when we were unable to articulate them clearly. From customizing of furniture to purchase of lightings, Henry was there with us throughout offering valuable opinions and recommendations. Overall, we had a pleasant experience creating our home with Henry, mainly because of his patience and honest work ethics.

Jacob/ 27/ Consultan

Samuel, thank you for being so patient and understanding with us. It was a pleasure working with you. Your attention to details in your design was what attracted us the most. Being very organized has made the whole process smooth and easy for us. We will definitely recommend our friends to you in future. All the best!

Jonathan Tan/ 43/ Senior Manager

My friends and parents really enjoyed the home theater and karaoke room you have done up for us. We are glad that we trusted your recommendations. We are proud to bring our friends over and show them the great job you have done. Thank you so much!

Jerry/ 65/ Business Owner

Hi Annie, I hope this is not too late to compliment for the good service rendered by you. You have to spend time even on Saturday and Sunday to pull things together after all the changes I have made. Your workmanship was superb and Congratulations !! Keep up the good work.. Job well done. I simply love my house now and always wanna be at home !!! A dream comes true... Hahaha !!! Hope you don't work too hard, keep in touch... Even not staying beside you

Mr/Mrs Suhaimi Bin Zainal/ 44/ Information Technology Executive

We chanced upon Unity Interior Design when they were having a road show at Expo in mid 2012. We went there with a “shopping list” and hence initially wanted to try to get away when Ashley first approached us. It was Ashley’s sincerity that made us decide to sit down to listen to what she can offer. The decision proves to be the right one. Ashley listened with intent to what we like our house to be and provided creative ideas on how it could be achieved. We feel very comfortable talking to her and we actually find ourselves looking forward to see her draft design of our new home. Ashley came up with the initial design and estimates within a few days and we met up despite her hectic schedule. She proves to be very professional. She is very adept in striking a balance between allowing us the freedom to make our choices and offering her expertise when necessary. She is also very meticulous and pays attention to the slightest details. We consensually choose Ashley as our ID even though her quote was not the lowest. Thereafter, we spent months discussing on the design, then the details through meetings or whatsapp. The whatsapp messages sometimes go though past midnights and even continue on during weekends. Ashley is always very patient in answering to all our queries and updates us if she has a new idea in mind. One other thing that amazes us is that Ashley is able to remember every design and details of the plan that we as the house owner sometimes even forget. We can only say that she is very professional and has deep passion in what she is doing. Ashley often puts herself in the shoes of the owner living in the house and hence her design is not solely on aesthetics, it is also functional. We could see the effort that Ashley puts in on achieving our “dream home”. There was once she excitedly proposed to us a new design for our kitchen even though the change would mean more work for her as she had to redraw the plan and rework on the details and estimates. During the renovation phase, Ashley was often around to oversee the progress of work and makes sure that everything runs smoothly as planned. She never fails to update us on the progress, through pictures and messages, as both of us were often overseas. We have no doubt that our house is in good hands with her around as she takes care of the things as one would take care of their own. We are very pleased with the finished product and Ashley made sure that everything is done to our satisfaction before handing over. We have held a few gatherings at our new place since then and the feedbacks and comments from our friends and relatives have always been very positive. We are two happy and satisfied customers and wouldn’t think twice to engage Ashley again for any future renovations. We are very glad that we had made the decision to spend the twenty minutes of time with her.

Willie Koh/ 34 & Pen/ 33

Ashely is very professional in her conduct. Armed with limitless creativity, she is very proactive in offering suggestions which helped us a lot in our decision making process. She is very bold in her design and color selections and yet very versatile and patient in accommodating our preferences. The entire process from first meet up to confirmation and transition to delivery was very smooth and on time. We are grateful to have engaged her to carry out the renovation for our first apartment, a dream home we have been eagerly awaiting for. Thumbs up! -- Best regards, Cheong Chee Kin (Zhang Zhijian)

Cheong Chee Kin/ 32 & Wendy/ 30

I am a satisfied customer of Unity, and recommend its designer Ashley Loh for the great work she has done for my home. Ashley possesses the following qualities which are key to a successful home interior design: 1. Easy to communicate with – It was easy interacting with Ashley. She was quite prompt in replying to my queries. She took note of additional instructions and implemented them well. (The designer’s ability to communicate is important because you wouldn’t want to be dealing with someone who would give you headaches! Plus, the relationship between designer and customer is a give-and-take one. There are small issues that can surface along the way, so it’s important that the designer maintains good communication to ensure these issues are resolved quickly.) 2. Ability and willingness to listen – I have come across some ID companies that wanted to “force” their design templates/ideas for my use. While those designs may have been nice, I wanted to live in a home that reflected my needs and preferences. Thankfully, Ashley delivered and gave me a home that I can call truly mine in its nuances. 3. Translate customer requirements into a great design that combines form & function – Of course, not all of what I initially wanted would have been ideal/workable. Ashley added much value by providing great suggestions to elevate my preferences into a simple yet beautiful concept. And her suggestions have been lovely – including the style of the false ceiling, having strategically-placed mirrors, and a TV feature wall that has lots of smart storage hidden behind. 4. Good taste – As a layman, how do you distinguish between dozens of shades of brown? Ashley helped in suggesting nice colour schemes, paints and patterns. Needless to say, she took into consideration the overall feel that I wanted. 5. Actually deliver what has been designed – For me, this is the key factor. A beautiful 3D design is useless if the actual unit delivered is different. I also told Ashley early on that I was very particular in terms of the carpentry and painting work. I am happy that the quality of the workmanship and materials used have been good. 6. Provide post-completion support– It has been 3 months since the renovation was completed. I look forward to Ashley’s continued support for any issues that may arise that need her assistance. Most importantly, Ashley has been able to give me a home that I eagerly look forward to coming back to every day. Thanks, Ashley!

Jay Chan/ 39

My wife and I recently engaged Ashley to renovate our new 4-room HDB flat in Woodlands and our experience with Ashley has been nothing short of wonderful. When we met Ashley for the first time, we were impressed by her creative ideas and excellent taste. Her strong knowledge of products, design and renovation were evident in her every suggestion and detailed explanations. In fact, letting Ashley design our house was the best decision we have made. She never fails to listen to our expectations and requirements, and always provide useful recommendations and solutions. Throughout the 5 months of renovation, her professional guidance and attention to detail never failed to impress us. Ashley is calm and patient. She interacts in a thoughtful manner and we appreciate her prompt replies to our never-ending queries via WHATSAPP, SMS or phone call. Many of her replies were even sent late at night after her office hours. Ashley's personality is warm and bubbly. Her personal touch makes us feel like we are more her friends than her client. She also goes the extra mile to help us create the perfect home. On one occasion, we happened to be at EXPO furniture fair and Ashley took time off to help us choose our Sofa. Acts like this further demonstrates her professionalism and dedication. Ashley has done a wonderful job of creating a lovely home for the both of us and we are extremely satisfied with her work. I want to express my gratitute for Ashley and Unity Interior Design for your good work! Thank you again for making this a fun and great experience!

Tianyuan/ 31/ Naval Officer & Peijun/ 30/ Teacher

Thanks Shawn ! We really love the Resort Concept for our dream house ! Appreciated it and we are glad that we trusted your recommendations. We are proud to bring our friends over and show them the great job you have done. Thank you so much !

Gary Soh/ 42/ Business Owner

I decided to do my renovation about one and a half months before our fasting month in 2012. We have scout around a few renovation contractors but were not satisfied with either their responses or attitudes. Shawn's friendliness and pleasant character made us feel very comfortable to discuss with him. In fact we felt that we had known him for along time already with his light bantering and his openness. On the same day, after discussion, he immediately furnish us with a quotation for the estimated cost and was able to fix an appointment on the next day to view our home. Because of time constrain, we were definitely delighted. That was quite impressive! He went all his way to be of service even if he cannot make it at his appointed time, like even on his way home to drop by at our place to check what had or need to be done He never fails to help us out and respond to our phone calls, which I think the most important thing to do when you deal with a customer, whenever we need him. He was always monitoring his workers doing their job at site. He will inform us when and where he would be just to update us on the progress. He is very patient and tactful in handling whatever little complaints that we have and he did that with always a smile on his face. As promise, he completed our home on time for our fasting month and Hari Raya !!! Even then and still now, whatever that wasn't fixed or done properly, I can still call him for his help. Because of his most excellent before and after service, which I cannot say more, and reasonable price from Unity, we engaged him again to do our small renovation at our office. Just as before, he did it very well and in fact completed it earlier than expected. We will most definitely will refer him and Unity Home Interior Pre Ltd to our friends and relatives or engaged him again in future if need be. A most satisfying and a very good job done. Thank you Shawn !!!

Ms Norhani/ 36/ Account Manager

We have chosen Kef and his team as our ID and were impressed with their patience and willingness to listen and accommodate to our requests and changes. Making the renovation a hassle-stress free one and turning our apartment a wonderful home for my family. The project was well coordinated with constant follow up. We will not hesitate to recommend Unity Interior Design to our friends and family. Our designer, Kef has been very considerate and responsible during our renovation journey. You listened, shared and provided close attention to requests and details. Your design were bold, fresh and cleaned and never failed to impress our friends and family who visited our home. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our designer, Kef and his team at Unity Interior Design for all your efforts in ensuring the renovation goes smoothly and handover on time. You have been accommodating and responsive to our requests and provided ample space in our little home with your innovative ideas and design. Every cent well spent!

Ms Ow/ Business Owner

Me and my husband just wanted to thank Brenda for patiently and persistently going with us for the whole renovation of our house. From our first meeting with her, she was so down to earth and responsible. She listened carefully to us and gave useful recommendations on how our house can be done so it could look elegant while keeping our budget in mind and not to hurt our little children. We especially like the color scheme she matched for our modern-style concept. Now I'm happy cooking in my kitchen and my friends and relatives just can't stop telling me how they're fond of my house!

Mdm Zuhailah Mansur/ 34/ Housewife

Working with Brenda was a relaxed experience. All I had to do was to let her know the preferred concept of my condo, my family lifestyle and some of my concerns for the renovation. When the work was started, she kept updating me with latest progress, leaving me eased with my own heavy workloads. This is what I've appreciated most as I was not able to visit my house from time to time during the works were running. And the result is much satisfying and my house turned out to be very attractive as she really did her part to plan and supervise each and every work carried out in my house. Therefore everything's done in line with my idea, plus there are lots of innovative output from her making every space of my house wisely utilised and my family living comfortably.

Mr Richmond Tee/ 45/ Operation Manager

Interior designer (Jac Saw) is friendly and approachable, and a great interior designer to work with. Great designs, well thought though. Remarkable service as well. Enjoying our home ;)

Max Lam / 30/ Research Psychologist & Jaclyn Lee/ 30/ Manager

Jac has done a great job in making our home perfect. She is patient and always accommodating to our needs, offering great advice with a creative touch. If there's only one ID you can bring to your new home, she's the one.

Zhuo Shao Wei/ 31/ Assistant Head

Both my wife and myself are very pleased with what Wynn has done for our lovely home. She was spot on from briefing to project execution delivering a tasteful yet cosy home for us in the end. I have no qualms referring Wynn or Unity Design to anyone looking for a touch of design magic. I recall our first conversation. "You won't feel the pain of renovating your place .. It will be smooth and effortless," cited Wynn. I cannot agree more.

Tion WY/ 33/ Manager

It was my first time engaging interior designer to renovate my house. I would say it's a good experience and job well done. I would like to write in personally to show my appreciation and compliment on the impeccable of Ms. Wynn. I have to commend her for her high level of patience and responsibility in ensuring that our renovation is completed on target as promise. She really understand our need and have provided us professional advise. This is indeed Unity Interior Design good fortune to have Ms.Wynn as your staff to help upkeep and ensure the high level of service standards of your esteemed company. Thank you

Kenny Tay/ 31/ QC Analyst III
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