Do you want to build a home to your specifications, starting from scratch as you pursue your ultimate dream? If so, you may have generated a lot of excitement so far in sketching the concept and have even received outline planning consent from the local authority. So, now you can get down to the nitty-gritty and come up with a comprehensive plan to cover all aspects of design, architecture and engineering. In short, you can move your dream closer to reality as you create your "detailed design" plan. So, what do you need to know about this process?

More from Concept to Reality

As soon as you start this plan, you need to move away from concepts and ideas and zero in on what will work. Of course, many homeowners love to get involved in this process, but there will certainly be a great deal of input from architects, engineers and builders.

Stay Loyal to the Dream

Remember, it is not always possible to convert an idea into the real thing, and there may need to be compromises along the way. The secret when creating a detailed design plan is to reach such a compromise without sacrificing goals or moving too far away from your ultimate dream.

Get down to Detail

During the detailed design phase, your architects will go into minute detail, working with other professionals in the field. They'll need to consult with a quantity surveyor, structural engineer, electrical or mechanical consultants and interior designers. Here, the architects will ensure that everything is done in concert and that everyone looks at the design from a holistic perspective.

Crucially, your architects will always comply with the various building regulations and other statutory requirements, including the need for modern-day energy efficiency. So, they'll ensure that the structure performs well and is airtight and well-insulated while paying attention to your design aesthetic.

Create the Tender Pack

Once the detailed design stage is finished, you will then be in possession of a "tender pack." Now, all the contractors involved have the precise information required to create a proposal and zero in on prices. In addition, they'll have access to a set of drawings with a list of specifications, and there'll be no confusion about your intent.

Assemble the Dream Team

So, now that work is about to start in earnest ensure that you are handing over the detailed design phase to a competent team of architects. They'll have experience in this area, have performed such an exercise before and have the appropriate connections with other experts and contractors.

For more information on detailed design architecture, contact a professional near you.